robotics for all.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I volunteered over 360 hours at Robotics for All, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing underserved students with free STEM education. I did not hesitate to explore everything from curriculum development to growing the company itself. As an active member in the Slack workspace, I heavily contributed to the friendly, welcoming environment.

board secretary

intern lead

  • Managed company records and professional emails for 280% increase in volunteers and 190% increase in children served

  • Voted on items dictating company direction

  • Contacted school principals and administrators for partnerships

  • Managed volunteer service hours

curriculum development

  • VEX GO: led the development

  • Advanced Python: wrote curriculum outlines and created homework with solutions guides

  • LEGO Explorers: wrote curriculum outlines and integrated fun activities into slideshow presentations

business development



  • Managed a group of 9-12 interns

  • Conducted weekly touch base meetings, which included Q&A and team bonding exercises

  • Onboarded new volunteers

  • Organized workshops and other events

  • Google APIs + JavaScript

  • Programmed functions in Google Sheets

  • Enhanced workflows by creating automations

  • Interviewed prospective volunteers

  • Cold-emailed schools for potential partnerships

  • Virtually taught the first 8-week class session for our LEGO Explorers curriculum (K-1st grade)