speaker events.


I am open to any public speaking opportunity! Although I am still early in my journey, I enjoy sharing my experiences, hoping to inspire someone else or to connect with new people. I am very proactive in reaching out for coffee chats, searching for unique opportunities, and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

I was recommended to be the representative speaker for the STEM Pathway! We filmed my high school’s new promotional video for parents and prospective students.

CodeDay generously sponsored my trip to ToorCamp 2022 at the Doe Bay Resort in Orcas Island, WA! I quite literally dropped myself on an island for a few days with 500 strangers, most of whom were double my age. Nevertheless, I presented the 20-minute talk “Leading a FIRST Robotics Team Post-COVID” [slides].

Aside from the talks, I had a lot of fun soldering, trying to learn how to cook, and leading Team Batter Splatter. I befriended a financial analyst at the soldering workshop, and we started experimenting with the abandoned PancakeBot. We were later joined by two Amazon software engineers. Together, we ran a makeshift booth and ended up winning the machine as a prize, which we donated to my robotics team.

ToorCamp is one of the experiences that exemplifies my ability to capitalize on unprecedented opportunities.

community panels

Our team often held STEM panels, the most notable one being for 500+ underserved students in the Philippines [slides]. It was an especially rewarding webinar because I helped answer a good amount of their endless questions about the STEM world that they didn’t have exposure to before.



After interviewing Kerstern Malama (Founder), in a previous community panel, she invited me to her own organization’s series about making STEM more accessible to minority groups. She conducted my interview on one of her livestreams.

One of my local nonprofit organizations reached out to me about speaking on my experiences as a young woman pursuing a STEM career [slides]. I enjoyed telling stories with the other inspirational panelists!